Midiplus Mirror Audio Interface



Product Description

Model: MIRROR Sampling rate: 24 Bit/ 192 kHz Input Interface: One XLR+TRS interface combo + one TRS interface Output Interface: Two headphone output interface Other Interface: One 4 segment 3.5 mm interface (L as output, LR as input) Power plug: DC 5V/1A USB 2.0 interface Phantom power supply: 48V Switch/ Button: Line/INST switch button, audio interface switch button, 48V phantom power supply button, IOS/Android selector switch Knobs: 2 knobs to control input gain gain, 1 knob to control the brightness of soft light, 1 knob to control phone output volume, 2 knobs to control headphone volume LED level display USB 5V power, DC 5V/1A power supply

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Weight 1000 g


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